Swrve Cordura Jeans Review

Regular Trim Fit on the left. Skinny fit on the right

Long Story Short: A Vulcan mind meld of Action Pants and Toughskins. Swrve’s Cordura jeans are the best jeans a cyclist or anyone whose daily business is on the action-packed side can own.

Long Story Long: When it comes to new cycling gear, I can’t upgrade soon enough. When it comes to everyday clothes, I’d be wearing a burlap sack if it wasn’t for my dear wife making sure I’m properly clothed.

And that’s the conundrum with urban cycling apparel.

It all rides that fine line between performance and practical. I guess that’s probably the general idea but for non-clotheshorses that can mean it might take a while to jump on the fashion bandwagon.

In my case that was two years after Swrve released their innovative Cordua jeans. Every (as in all four) pair of jeans I owned had finally bit enough dust to require some new ones. So instead of rolling west towards the Grove, I pedaled east towards VeloLove.

The Regular Trim Fit jeans were love at first sight. My usual size was right on the money and the difference when it came to on-the-bike performance was so immediately apparent I wanted to punch myself in the junk for not upgrading sooner. The most noticeable features were the Spandex infusion (goodbye eternal struggle of trying to pedal in denim) and the seamless crotch (goodbye perpetual taint noogie).

Within a week I was at VeloLove for pairs two and three. Picked up another Trim Fit and a pair of the Skinny Fit for those days when I’m feeling extra sassy.

Here’s the Breakdown: The Regular Trim Fit jeans are just that. Regular and trim fit. There’s plenty of space to move around without being too baggy. I have yet to snag them in a chain ring and if that did happen, I’d be more worried about the chain ring busting a toof. The pockets are smartly laid out and even the quirky pen pocket has grown on me to become a useful feature. On the backside there’s an extra, offset pocket perfectly sized for an iPhone. However, if you’re a klutz and have the protective case to prove it, the mobile pocket my be too tight of a squeeze. If that’s the case, use it to carry a Bit-O-Honey instead.

The Skinny Fit jeans are definitely on the skinny side but not so skinny that a generous application of Crisco is required to slip into them. Another way to describe them would be very tailored. They have the exact same pocket configuration Regular Fit though it’s best to travel light as stuffed pockets will leave you looking a bit lumpy.

If you’ve got quads and glutes of steel, be prepared for your milkshake to bring everyone to the yard. Due to the tighter fit, the articulated knees are much more noticeable on the Skinny Fit jeans and definitely allow for a full and frictionless range of motion.

Like the rest of Swrve’s products, quality is top shelf. After several months of use and dozens of washes, they still look like new all the way down to the built-in reflective strip hidden away on the inside. Every pair of jeans I’ve ever owned has been shredded at the hem due to my strange habit of walking/shuffling barefoot around the house and garage. Meanwhile, these jeans refuse to budge. The Cordura denim is definitely built for the long haul.

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