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What exactly is Garbage Hill?

For starters, Garbage Hill is one of the most sacred climbs in Los Angeles. Depending on which side of town you call home, it’s also known as Trash Truck Hill or Col de Basura, if you want to class things up.

No matter which name you prefer, it’s a fitting description for a two mile stretch of car-free road in a city overrun with cars. For cyclists who live in the shadow of Griffith Park, Garbage Hill is a respite from the grind of the city- just a short, traffic dodging ride away.

Who exactly runs Garbage Hill?

If you’re talking about the hill named Garbage Hill, that would be P-22, Griffith Park’s resident mountain lion.

If you’re talking about the site named Garbage Hill, that would be me, Todd Munson. Writing my own bio has never been my jam. For someone who’s built for comfort, I am rather multifaceted; so here’s what you should know about me when it comes to cycling.

I’ve been obsessed with bikes since long before this sweet photo was taken.
Todd Munson

I grew up to be a champion.
For the record, smacking your head on a barrier doesn’t exactly tickle.

I spent over a decade working in bike shops and have the inane knowledge and crazy stories to prove it. That wisdom often gets put to use as I do consultant work for several cycling brands.

There’s a decent chance I’ve seen RAD more times than any human on Earth.

And I’ve been shamed by the Bike Snob.

What exactly can I expect from Garbage Hill?

Solid cycling infotainment. Product reviews are all items I’ve purchased and used long enough to feel I can offer a well-informed review. If you have an amazing wonder product you’d like tested by someone who has as much grace as Chunk from The Goonies, drop me a line at garbagehill.la(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d be happy to put it through the gauntlet and/or wringer.





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