Swrve Stationary Tool Roll Review

Swrve Stationary Tool RollSwrve’s Stationary Tool Roll is well organized and holds everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Long Story Short: A clever and convenient alternative to carrying your on-the-bike essentials in a top notch, made-in-the-USA package.

Swrve Stationary Tool Roll 2A 700×32 tube, two CO2 cartridges + nozzle, a tire lever, patch kit, and a Crank Brothers multi-tool are tucked away inside.

Long Story Long: Picked this up before doing the Rock Cobbler as a way of carrying less (but more) stuff. I’ve been using Swrve’s Tool Bag for a couple years but faced with a 100 or so miles of potential doom, I wanted to carry some extra supplies but not actually carry them so I split the load between the Tool Bag and the Tool Roll.

The Tool Roll carried all the flat supplies and fortunately it didn’t get called into action until after crossing the finish line. I flatted not once but twice on three mile slog back to the start. Good times.

Compared to a traditional saddle bag, there are a couple upsides with the Tool Roll. Its compressed nature means nothing will rattle around on the inside and the lack of a seat post anchor strap means there’s no chance of the inner thigh region of your expensive Lycra shorts getting roughed up. The lone traditional toe strap does a surprisingly great job of keeping the Tool Roll in place. Pull it nice and tight and you’re all set.

Swrve Stationary Tool Roll 4You can’t see it because of the sweet camouflage but there is a Swrve Stationary Tool Roll in this photo. Trust me.

I didn’t expect that it would get much use following the Cobbler but I soon found myself using it on the reg. Its compact size and high easy on/easy off factor makes it snap to switch between bikes. With my CX and commuter using the same size tubes, the Tool Roll could do double duty while my Tool Bag could remain road specific specific. Gone are the days of scurrying around for the right size tube when I want to go for a ride. Convenience is an amazing thing.

Here’s The Breakdown: All the Swrve quality you know and love is present in the Tool Roll. At $40, it’s a little on the spendy side but it’s much more economical than similar style wraps that don’t look nearly as robust.

The Tool Roll features three slots plus a zippered pocket for carrying the important stuff you really don’t want to lose such as ID, credit cards, or keys. A sewn-on nylon ribbon adds a layer of tidiness and helps keep the total package as compact as possible.

I have a Jandd Tire Bag (great for holding a mini pump) that’s almost old enough to drink and is still going strong (though it looks like it was ready to be retired at least 5 years ago). With Swrve’s Tool Roll constructed from the same 500-denier Cordura and fortified with solid stitching, a beefy zipper that could survive the apocalypse, and the only “moving part” being readily available should the need for replacement ever arise, I fully expect the Toll Roll to be alive and kicking in the year 2525.

Oh crap.

I just realized that’s only ten years from now. That’s no longer the distant future is it? Where the hell is the time going and where are our damn jet packs?

Swrve Stationary Tool Roll 3Stationary is Swrve’s new line of on and off the bike accessories.

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