Swrve Deck Jacket Review

After 5 or 6 years of reliable service, my first generation Swrve Milwaukee Hoodie presented me with a bit of a quandary.

It still looked like new and had long ago proven itself to be the perfect jacket for surviving a Los Angeles winter. Thanks to a Vulcan mind meld with a Thermos, it had the magical ability to keep you warm and dry no matter how cold or wet and when the mercury pulled a Sammy Hagar and blew past 55, you wouldn’t swelter.

The problem was my lovely wife. She was getting tired of looking at it and in her quest to mold me into an upstanding adult, she put in a request (order) that I go out and get a hood-free “grown up” jacket. Apparently hoods have been the force field keeping me from a 401K.

Lucky for me, swrve just introduced their new Deck Jacket that appeared to offer all the performance of the classic Milwaukee in a refined, hood-free package. We’re talking a collar and buttons level of polish.

So, I took a trip over to VeloLove to pick out a new torso companion for the next half decade or so.

The Deck Jacket was love at first sight. It felt so grown up. And by that what I mean is while my ol’ Milwaukee was functionally sound, that’s exactly what it was- functional.

The Deck Jacket takes that function and adds some serious flair- hidden wrist gaiters to keep the wind from trickling up your sleeve, a giant mesh backed rear cargo pocket (accessible from either love handle), a mesh interior pocket for your Walkman, and dual ended pit zips (with reflective tips) for venting. Of course these are features Swrve probably added long ago but it’s hard to keep up when their stuff doesn’t wear out.

The fit and cut is perfect. The sleeves are the right length on and off the bike and the drop down tail keeps your caboose nice and covered.

With a recent merciless cold snap that had LA in its frigid clutches for nearly a week, the most pleasant surprise of swrve’s Deck Jacket is its collar. Pull over the flap, (I’m sure it has a technical term) button it in place, and boom. You have a built-in scarf. This little feature is so cleaver and handy- especially when you’re cranking right into a spirit crushing 10mph head wind.

Temperature-wise I put this bad boy through its paces all the way down to the upper 30’s with a just a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and stayed perfectly cozy. The pit zips are easy to open on the fly to the let the breeze in should you start to get a little too warm.

Haven’t had the chance to try it out in the rain but I’ve spilled enough liquids on it to be confident in its water resistance should LA’s three day monsoon season ever strike.Swrve Deck Jacket
And most importantly, it qualified as a grown up jacket.

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